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Sculpture in shattered glass by Jake Considine
2006 D. Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award Winner

Photo of the Artwork

Photo of the Artist Inspired by a sculpture he saw during a visit to Ithaca, Jake Considine went to work on one of his own. His inspiration was a human figure built entirely of metal washers, but Jake chose broken glass as the medium for this impressive piece of work.

Jake's piece has a supporting structure of metal wire, but neither the wire nor the glue is evident to the casual observer, to whom the sculpture appears to be hundreds of glass shards simply flying in close formation. It's magic of the very best kind.

Jake's taking Jed Kunz's course in Sculpture at BHS, his first art course at BHS, was strictly an experiment. But it proved to be a success, and it led to his creating an independent study in sculpture with Mr. Kunz as well. Jake won a Silver Key in the Scholastic Art Awards competition for one of his pieces, but he enjoyed the chance to see so many other artists' work as much as he did seeing his own honored.

Music is Jake's other passion. He is one of two guitarists in the rock band Schlagen Lieben Fliegen Schwitzen (which translates into Beating, Loving, Flying, Sweating -- "My friend was dreaming up band names and doing his German homework," said Jake) which won the BHS Battle of the Bands and played the coveted closing set at Springfest. Jake plays viola in the BHS orchestra, but secretly hopes to experiment with electric violin.

Jake is off to Skidmore College to study science -- "biology, probably" -- but he's not really sure what direction his studies will take. He'd like to take a few art courses at college as well, but he knows that it can be hard to get into many courses outside of your major. There's always independent study...

Jake's experiments at BHS proved very successful, and each opened new doors for him. There's every likelihood that his experiments at Skidmore will open even more.

photo and story by Jim Kane

June 27, 2006

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