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Brad Smith Brad Smith taught art at Brighton High School from 1951 through 1981. This award, made possible by the generous support of his family, honors Brad's contribution to art education in Brighton.

The BHS art teachers select two Brighton seniors annually who excel in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. Presented at the Awards Assembly in May, this award enables Brighton High School to purchase a piece from each recipient for its permanent collection.

The collection of work built through the D. Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award is on display throughout BHS.

The award winners to date are listed below.

Chris Day
...for his digital portrait. Chris will attend MCC next fall, then he hopes to study animation.   Photo and story...
Jordan Meeker
...for her sculpture. Jordan will attend the University of Vermont, where she plans to study liberal arts and music.   Photo and story...
Grace Hiltunen
...for her sculpture. Grace will attend Alfred University next fall, where she plans to double major in fine art and equine studies.   Photo and story...
Julia Bourdeau
...for her acrylic painting. Julia will attend RIT, where she plans to major in physics and minor in art.   Photo and story...
Evie Brooks
...for her acrylic painting entitled Go. Evie will attend Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada to major in film studies.   Photo and story...
Ffion Collinsworth
...for her ceramic vase. Ffion will enroll at the Alfred University to study ceramics and art education.   Photo and story...
MaiJoi Sharp
...for her self-portrait entitled sans raccourcis. MaiJoi will study at MCC in the fall.   Photo and story...
Laura Castelein
...for her photograph entitled Infinite. Laura plans to major in Psychology at the University of Rochester.   Photo and story...
Molly Spero
...for her pen on paper drawing entitled Chameleons. Molly will enter the Exploratory Program at Ithaca College in the fall.   Photo and story...
Ben McLauchlin
...for his sculpture entitled Octopus. Ben plans a double-major in art and biology at Binghamton University.   Photo and story...
Nicole Moran
...for her Conté crayon drawing entitled Negligence. Nicole plans to study Mechanical Engineering and English at the University of Buffalo.   Photo and story...
Dan DiPaola
...for his pen-on-paper drawing entitled The Ghost of Dreams. Dan plans to study animation at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.   Photo and story...
Cielo Ornelas MacFarlane
...for her digitally-manipulated image entitled Pool Party. Cielo plans to study art at SUNY Fredonia.   Photo and story...
Martin Simpson
...for his Tryptich of graphic designs. Martin plans to study graphic design at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.   Photo and story...
Grace Hilling
...for her 3D Ceramic Vase.
Matt Menzies
...for his 2D Mixed Media Collage.
Marie Barreto
...for her graphite and colored-pencil drawing entitled Journey Through Dreaming. Marie plans to study photography at Rochester Institute of Technology.   Photo and story...
Morganne Wagner
...for her earrings crafted from copper and stones. Morganne plans to attend Binghamton University.   Photo and story...
Arianna Mayer
...for her colored pencil portrait entitled Lowell. Arianna plans to study art and science in a self-designed program at Hampshire College.   Photo and story...
Bella Vishnevsky
...for her Beaded Cup and Saucer. Bella plans to study art and science at the University of Rochester, on her way towards a future in medicine.   Photo and story...
Jennifer Pryhuber
...for her untitled still life, rendered in colored pencil. Jennifer will study film and animation at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.   Photo and story...
Meaghan Sloand
...for her hand-carved stone sculpture in the form of a Shell. Meaghan plans to study liberal arts at Marquette University.   Photo and story...
Toni Novello
...for her untitled sculpture. Toni will study Interior Design at Mercyhurst College.   Photo and story...
Julia Kurz
...for her photograph entitled A Softer World. Julia plans to study Marketing and Photography at Emerson College.   Photo and story...
Sandy Quang
...for her oil painting entitled Alter Ego. Sandy will study Fashion and Marketing at MCC.   Photo and story...
Jake Considine
...for his glass sculpture. Jake plans to continue his studies at Skidmore College.   Photo and story...
Renee Heininger
...for her triptych self-portrait. Renee will study art and music business at NYU.   Photo and story...
Sara Botelho
...for her glazed ceramic work. Sara plans to continue her studies at the University of Toronto.   Photo and story...
Ben Baker
...for his oil self-portrait. Ben plans to study art at SUNY New Paltz.   Photo and story...
Heather Pallo
...for her charcoal still life. Heather will study photography at RIT.   Photo and story...
Amanda Klimek
...for her watercolor self-portrait. Amanda will continue her art education at the Pratt Institute.   Photo and story...
Oreen Cohen
...for her colored-pencil drawing entitled Guitar Life. Oreen plans to continue her art education at SUNY Fredonia.   Photo and story...
Bethany Schoenfelder-Schwarz
...for her pastel still-life. Bethany will continue her art education at the Rhode Island School of Design.   Photo and story...
Elissa Klein
...for her self-portrait, crafted as a silver pin. Elissa plans to study art, math, and science at Williams College.   Photo and story...
Tatyana Strelnikova
...for her drawing of a grouping of seashells. Tatyana will continue her art education at RIT.   Photo and story...
Courtney Fitzgerald
...for a ceramic sculpture of a traditional Japanese sandal. Courtney plans to study art and Japanese culture at Bennington College.   Photo and story...
Sabra Behrouzy-Far
...for a clay bust entitled "Waiting." Sabra went on to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design.   Photo...
Ann Meyer
...for a drawing entitled "Lemon Chicken." Ann went on to attend the University of Utah.   Photo...
Sarah Gonek
...for a glazed clay figurine entitled "Not Yet Broken." Sarah went on to attend SUNY Albany.   Photo...
Elizabeth Svoboda
...for a pen-and-ink drawing entitled "Sitting on a Pumpkin." Elizabeth went on to attend Yale University.   Photo...

June, 2018

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