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Hand-Carved Stone Sculpture by Meaghan Sloand
2008 D. Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award Winner

Photo of the Artwork

Photo of the Artist Meaghan Sloand's unusual journey through school practically guaranteed an interesting result. Her path included elementary school in Fairport where she grew up, middle school at Mercy, and high school at Brighton ...although her family now lives in Victor! Meaghan was a tuition-paying student at Brighton, who came in search of individual attention, new people, and diversity in both the student body and in the course offerings available to her -- "Oh yeah, and there are boys!" she reminded us. One of the choices Meaghan made at Brighton was to develop her artistic side by including Photo I, Drawing, Studio Art 1, and Sculpture in her schedule over the years.

Her piece that won the D. Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award was the product of an assignment in Jed Kunz's Sculpture course. The assignment began with the choice of a rough stone to sculpt, and Meg chose a challenging-looking mass of rock. Jed was impressed by "...the transformation of the rough stone into the effortless, graceful form that Meg produced. Meaghan's artwork has a wonderful sophistication with its subtle textures and forms reminiscent of nature's beauty." Meaghan enjoyed the challenge of discovering the form hidden inside the rock. "You don't know what you're going to find, or what you're going to get into... and there are just some things you can't do."

Jed Kunz noted that Meg likes to challenge herself, and that " see her grow over the years has been very special." Debra Burger taught Meaghan's Drawing class and reported that she was "...a pleasure to have in class, especially around critique time. Meaghan openly shares her opinions, on her own work and on others'."

When she's not in school, Meaghan likes being active outdoors. She loves hiking, and she rowed for Fairport's crew team throughout her high school years. Fairport Crew? Don't ask -- it's complicated. But Meg's interesting path has prepared her well for her next experience: studying liberal arts at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We wish her well on her journey.

photos provided by Jed Kunz
story by Jim Kane

June 24, 2008

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