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"Alter Ego"
Oil on Canvas by Sandy Quang
2006 D. Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award Winner

Photo of the Artwork

Photo of the Artist alter ego
     1. Another side of oneself; a second self.

Sandy Quang is not a serious person. She's likely to go for an easy laugh or do something a little goofy just to break the ice and make herself -- and the people around her -- more comfortable.

"Art is a big stress-reliever for me, " says Sandy, who took four art courses at BHS: Studio Art I and II, Drawing, and Painting. She especially enjoyed working with Jed Kunz, her Painting teacher.

When Mr. Kunz asked her to "represent your alter ego," she decided to show the mysterious, serious side of herself. Sandy Quang, you see, likes to talk philosophy. At length. And she believes in ghosts.

In preparing to paint this piece, Sandy took pictures of herself from various angles and studied her features. She decided that her lips were her most expressive feature, so she accentuated them in this work with the dark red look of a femme fatale.

Outside of her art, Sandy is a strong math student -- "Algebra, not geometry," she insists. "Solving equations is easy for me." She competed on the Track team during her sophomore and senior years, and she enjoyed singing in the chorus during her last two years at BHS.

Sandy will continue her art work at MCC, where she plans to study Fashion (because a girl's gotta follow her heart) and Marketing (because a girl's gotta eat).

photo and story by Jim Kane

June 27, 2006

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