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Back Karen Allen Shares Learnings about Japanese Culture

Photo: Gretchen Shafer

Master storyteller Jay Stetzer shared tales of Japan and stories of his own travels to that country.

In the fall of 2004, CRPS teacher Karen Allen traveled to Japan as part of the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. This three-week experience introduced American teachers to many aspects of Japanese culture and allowed them to spend a great deal of time in Japanese schools.

When she returned, Karen Allen asked the Brighton Education Fund to provide funding that would allow her to share her experience with the Council Rock community in a wide variety of ways that complement curriculum units on diversity and community. Click here for Karen's report detailing many aspects of her follow-up work.

In addition, a day-long series of workshops on Japanese storytelling brought noted storyteller Jay Stetzer into five second-grade classrooms. Jay, a master storyteller, had classes spellbound as he narrated Japanese tales, subtly including basic elements of stories and lessons to be learned from them. From his considerable travel experience in Japan he also brought out everyday cultural habits of the Japanese --- food, school activities, and manners.

May, 2005

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