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Cultural Life Endowment Fund
David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship
David DeHaven Alpine Ski Scholarship
William Dieck Fund
W. Todd Harper Fund
Alan L. Lewis Fund
Stephen Monk Gift
D. Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award
Tribute Award
Distinguished Alumni Award
Thanksgiving Dinner for 12:1:4 Class
Funding to enable the 12:1:4 class to plan, prepare, and hold a holiday meal for their parents. This activity will use many of the life skills they are being taught including budgeting, planning a meal, researching recipes, making a grocery list, shopping "smart" with coupons, going to a grocery store to shop, sending invitations to parents, setting a table, preparing the meal (using measurements), and then practicing communication skills as they celebrate together. Funded in part by a targeted donation.
Books for Discussion Day
Purchase of 75 copies of Alan Gratz's new book Two Degrees for a special discussion day and for subsequent use in classrooms. The library club chose this book for a human rights theme to build student awareness of climate issues and the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment, as established by the United Nations.
Video Displays for the Atrium
Purchase of three 70" display screens to be placed in the atrium outside the cafeteria to provide current information about school activities (clubs, athletic practices, performances, competitions) and bus schedules. Detailed club information will be listed to encourage greater participation.
Sheet Music
A targeted donation in honor of Twelve Corners Middle School music teacher Jenny Muhl will be used to purchase sheet music for the school's music program.
Esports Computers
Purchase of computers for the new BHS and TCMS Esports team training room in Central Office. Esports is an increasingly popular area of competition and colleges provide scholarships for students who excel in this sport. Funded in part by Brighton Rotary.
iPad for the Swim Team
Purchase of an iPad for use by the swim team, to enable students to study videos of their technique and apply what they learn to their training. The iPad will also be used to record student video projects in some Spanish classes.
Green Card Youth Voices
Purchase of 45 copies of a book about immigrant experiences titled "Green Card Youth Voices of Western New York." The book, which documents ten interviews, includes the stories of two Brighton students. A classroom set will be used in several ELA/SS classrooms, and additional copies will be available in the FRES, TCMS, and BHS libraries, as well as the ENL classroom libraries at those schools.
Staff Development for Science Teachers
Funding of registrations for several TCMS science teachers to attend National Science Teachers' Association online workshops about teaching science remotely. These workshops are offered for specific sciences. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Anime/Manga Books
Purchase of a collection of books about manga and anime for the library. Many students are fans of this literary form; for some students, these books will be a magnet to draw them into the library and to read more.
Speakers from the Rochester Alliance
Funding to bring in speakers from the Rochester Alliance, as part of the Overcoming Barriers unit for 8th grade English students.
Staff Development for Science Teachers
Funding of registrations for several TCMS science teachers to attend the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) conference and a separate workshop on Argument-Driven Inquiry. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Database of Nonfiction Articles
Purchase of a 7-month site license to Newsela PRO, an online database of over 10,000 nonfiction articles, each written at 5 Lexile levels, on topics related to all curricular areas. All TCMS teachers will have access to this program. Studies have shown significant reading gains for students using Newsela PRO. Data from this pilot year will be shared with district leaders.
Mobile Whiteboards for Multiple Classroom Uses
Purchase of three mobile double-sided whiteboards for use in a single classroom. This is part of the exploration of how to organize and furnish a 21st-century classroom. In this experiment, the mobile whiteboards will not only allow student work to be visible, but will also enable the teacher to divide the room into a variety of configurations, creating different learning spaces for students within the classroom.
Exercise Bikes
Purchase of three new exercise bikes for the TCMS weight room. These bikes measure wattage produced and in addition to providing needed exercise equipment, that data on energy used and produced will be used as part of the 8th grade science curriculum about energy production.
Crime Busters Kit
Partial funding for the purchase of a Crime Busters Kit for the TCMS Science Olympiad team.
Professional Development for Science Teachers
Funding of subscriptions to the Stephen Spangler staff development seminars for nine teachers for one year. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
"The Moxie Strings" Musicians Visit
Funding for a day of educational, interactive workshops for both Twelve Corners Middle school and Brighton High School music students with the The Moxie Strings. The Moxie Strings are a musical group that focuses on fiddling and improvisation, two areas the music department has been introducing to their students. The work with the students will culminate in an evening concert with all the students, giving them an opportunity to present what they have learned.
ELA Social Justice Project
Purchase of 105 copies of the novel Soldier Boy and funding for a visit by the novel's author, Keely Hutton. These expenditures will enable the 7th grade ELA teachers to use the story of a 14-year-old boy who was abducted and forced to be a soldier in the Ugandan Civil War as the basis of a new Social Justice unit.
Turnitin Writing Process Software
Funding for a one-year pilot implementation of Turnitin, software that promises to improve student writing and help prevent plagiarism. After a successful implementation at BHS, the TCMS ELA and Social Studies departments have both committed to a pilot implementation at the middle school.
Instructional Technology Pilot Projects
Purchase of a variety of software subscriptions and new devices to enable pilot implementations. Identified as high-potential items with applications in a number of different classroom environments by the district's technology coach, the collection funded includes Breakout Edu Kits, Minecraft EDU licenses, a premium subscription to GooseChase, a classroom subscription to LifeLiqe, and Micro:Bit MegaPaks.
Spanish Language Software
Purchase of a license for the RaZ Kids Spanish language program to enrich the learning experience for 7th and 8th graders. This software provides opportunities for language learners to hear text read to them, practice with current vocabulary, and read more authentic Spanish text.
Standing Desks and High Tables
Purchase of a selection of standing desks and high tables (café tables) for the ELA, science, and social studies classrooms. Such desks and tables have been shown to create a more positive working environment for students dealing with attention issues.
Staff Development for Science Teachers
Funding of registrations for several TCMS science teachers to attend the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) conference and the University of Buffalo's National Center for Case Studies conference in the fall. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Leveled Textbooks to Support Reading
Purchase of leveled textbooks for use by Twelve Corners Middle School teachers. For students who need additional support in reading skills, these books will give teachers access to books of interest to middle school students but which are written at reading levels appropriate to their skills.
Staff Development for Science Teachers
Funding of registrations for eight TCMS science teachers to attend this year's STANYS Conference in Rochester. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Library Books about New York State
Purchase of an updated collection of 56 books for the library about New York State, particularly Central and Western New York, to support the new and broader emphasis on New York State in the K-12 Social Studies Frameworks.
Support of the Empty Bowls Project
Support of the multidisciplinary Empty Bowls project about hunger including the purchase of clay and glazes, rice and spices, and cookbooks. Students will learn about hunger in social studies, nutrition in health class, prepare rice dishes in Home and Careers, and work with the art teacher to make rice bowls. All this will result in an Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Brighton Food Cupboard.
Science Teachers Conference
Funding to enable TCMS science faculty members to attend the Science Teachers Association of NYS (STANYS) conference. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Library Books for English Language Learners
Purchase of library books in other languages to support students who are English Language Learners in grades 6-8. Funded by the Cultural Life Endowment Fund.
Classroom Technology
Purchase of additional technology to complete a model 21st-century 8th grade classroom in the social studies department. This purchase was funded by the W. Todd Harper Fund.
Video Conferencing Programs For Science Classes
Purchase of online video conferencing programs for science classes. Funded with monies from the Al Lewis Fund.
Camera for the Magic Club
Purchase of a camera for the Magic Club.
iPads for the ESOL Program
Purchase of four iPads for the ESOL program. iPads have proven to be very useful for helping students who do not speak any English learn this new language.
Science Teachers Conference
Funding to enable nine science faculty members to attend the Science Teachers Association of NYS (STANYS) conference to be held from November 2-5 here in Rochester. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Books by Visiting Author
Purchase of multiple copies of books by Steve Skeinkin in both hardcopy and electronic formats. Skeinkin is a historian who will visit TCMS in January 2014. By purchasing multiple copies, classes will be able to use them in reading groups and multiple students could read the books simultaneously.
Morning Show Intercom System
Purchase of an intercom system for the TCMS Morning Show crew, to replace an old system that is beyond repair. This purchase was funded by the W. Todd Harper Fund.
Genesee Country Village Field Trip for ESOL Students
Funding for 16 English as a Second Language (ESOL) students to have a field trip to the Genesee Country Village and Museum, including transportation, entry fees, and lunch. Due to language and financial constraints, it is unlikely that most of these students would get to visit GCV otherwise. The group will participate in a focused field study of three time periods in American history. Funded by the Cultural Life Endowment Fund.
Foreign Language Magazines
Funding to pay for subscriptions to class sets of Scholastic Magazine's French, German, and Spanish editions for use in language classes. Funded by BEF's Cultural Life Endowment Fund.
HD Camcorder
Purchase of an HD camcorder to be used as an instructional tool for filming a wide variety of activities including class projects, speakers, cultural events, classroom activities, and volleyball, swimming and track practices and competitions at TCMS. This camera will be housed in the library with other cameras we have provided, where it will be available to be checked out by teachers.
Commission Finale for String Festival
Funding to commission a music composition by local composer Beverly Strelau to be performed as the grand finale song at the district string festival in February 2014. Funded by the Cultural Life Endowment Fund.
Air Track for Science
Purchase of an air track, accessories, and an air source for studying motion phenomena in the 8th grade science program. An air track is a hollow rail with fine holes all along its length that allows specially-fitted air track cars to glide relatively friction-free. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Interactive Online Simulations
License to use a collection of interactive online "gizmos" from The collection includes a large number of fun-to-use simulations that can help make concepts more concrete, in the areas of earth and space science, life science, and physical science. Teachers call them "virtual manipulatives," but kids call them fun!
ComicLife2 Software
Purchase of 60 licenses for ComicLife2 software for PCs and Macs, for use in social studies. Telling graphic stories can help students find the stories in history, and ComicLife2 promises to make graphic storytelling fun and engaging.
iPads and eBooks for the Reading Skill Building
Purchase of five iPad minis and a collection of eBooks for the Reading Skills classroom. This equipment will provide another avenue through which students can develop their reading skills.
Reference and Research Database
License to use the Proquest SIRS Discoverer database in the TCMS library for the balance of the 2011-2012 school year. This general reference resource helps students develop their research, writing, language, and computer skills. It provides full-text articles and images from more than 1,900 domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and government documents. A map collection includes 3,000+ offerings.
Cameras for Student Projects
Purchase of four Flip video cameras and four digital cameras for loan through the library. These cameras will be available to students to check out to use to support the preparation of reports and projects.
Data Collection Sensors
Purchase of a class set of pH sensors and temperature probes for 7th grade science. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Purchase of a SMART Slate for classroom use. The Slate enables teachers and students to interact with a computer and SMARTboard from anywhere in the room, wirelessly.    Story...
LEGO Robotics Kits
Purchase of three LEGO NXT robotics kits, to support continued student participation in the annual E3 Fair. Funded by the William Dieck Fund.
iPad for Occupational Therapy
Purchase of an iPad and accessories, to be used district-wide for occupational therapy to help students with fine motor, sensory motor, and visual motor needs. There are a wide variety of apps available that will be helpful to the students served by this program.
Video Camera and Microphone
Purchase of a pocket video camera and an external microphone for evaluation district-wide as a way to improve the capture of student work in digital form, for inclusion in their portfolios.
Subscription to PBworks to Support Collaborative Work Online
Funding to purchase a one-year subscription to the Campus Edition of PBworks, a software package the will help teachers create a collaborative environment on the school's Intranet. This pilot application of wiki-building technology will enable students and teachers to work together building web pages and sharing documents, images, and videos.
Light Meters for use in the Greenhouse
Funding to purchase light meters to be used in the hydroponic greenhouse at Twelve Corners Middle School. This equipment will enable students to measure light levels in each of the hydroponic units, as they record statistics, measure variables, and analyze the effect on the growth of plants. Funded by the William Dieck Fund.
Discovering Deaf Worlds Presentation
Funding for an assembly presentation by David Justice and Davin Searls of Discovering Deaf Worlds. Their energetic and inspiring presentation proved that a hearing impairment can't stop caring people from making a difference in the lives of others. Funded by a targeted donation from a district family.    Story...
Introductory Mineral and Rock Thin Section Sets
Purchase of two sets of visual samples of rocks and rock-forming minerals. Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, and rock-forming minerals are included. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Triple-Beam Mechanical Balance Scales
Purchase of fourteen triple-beam mechanical balance scales, an essential tool in the physical sciences. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Equipment to Support the Development of Digital Portfolios
Purchase of two sets of equipment with which classroom teachers participating in a pilot project will be equipped to capture student work in digital form, for inclusion in their portfolios. Each set of equipment includes a digital camera, a digital video camera, and a digital voice recorder.
Mural for the Science Corridor
A target donation in memory of long-time TCMS science teacher Bill Sommerville funded the creation of a huge mural in the science corridor of the school. The mural illustrates the Periodic Table, and stands as a fine tribute to a teacher who loved chemistry ...and his students.    Photos...
Stereo Microscopes
Purchase of two stereo microscopes for the 7th grade science program. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Online Publishing Software for Student Newspaper and Student Government
Purchase of a software module to support online publishing of the student newspaper and online communications between student government and the student body. This software wil improve two-way communications and help our middle school students learn how to conduct themselves online.
GEVA Theater Workshop for the Drama Club
Funding for a comedy-improv workshop, chosen to draw students to participate in the performing arts program at TCMS and beyond. The workshop will be provided by GEVA Theatre personnel.
iPods for the AIS Reading Program
Funding to purchase a pair of iPod Nanos and recording accessories for use by the 65 students in the Academic Intervention Services reading program. The iPods will be used for student practice of sight words, oral reading passages, and other applications. Funded with monies from the Al Lewis Fund.
Wii Fit Equipment
Funding to purchase a Wii console and a Wii Fit balance board, for use in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and adpted PE programs throughout the district. A carrying bag makes this equipment fully portable. Funded with monies from the Al Lewis Fund.
Composting System
Purchase of a composting system, for which students will collect waste from the TCMS greenhouse, garden, and cafeteria in order to produce nutrient-rich compost for use in the gardens and landscaping of the school.
Recumbent Exercise Bike
Purchase of an Expresso S2r Recumbent Virtual Reality exercise bike for use in the PE program. This bike simulates an outdoor bike tour and combines rigorous exercise with the interactive fun of a video game. Our grant will enable more students to enjoy a form of exercise that has proven popular and supports the district's push to support fitness and fun.    Story and photos...
Digital Binocular Microscope
Purchase of digital binocular microscope for the TCMS Science Department. This microscope is equipped with a digital camera, for capturing images and importing them to a computer. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Digital Sound Level Meters
Purchase of eight digital sound level meters for the TCMS Science Department. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
iPods for Foreign Language Program
Funding to purchase 12 iPods for shared use in six foreign language classrooms to enhance student proficiency in the four areas of foreign language learning: speaking, reading, writing and listening.    Story and photos...
Interpreting Services
Funding to augment the school's budget for interpreters at plays, concerts, clubs, athletic events, and field trips, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.
In-Residence with Break of Reality
Funding of an in-residence experience for string players with Break of Reality, a "heavy thunder" cello and percussion ensemble.
SmartBoard for Science Instruction
Purchase of an additional SmartBoard and LCD projector to enhance instruction by presenting digital material -- slides, animations, videos, and material from the Web -- in a natural, interactive way. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Purchase of a new kiln for the fine arts program.
Dance Dance Revolution Stations
Purchase of five stations to add Dance Dance Revolution ("DDR") to the TCMS Phys Ed curriculum. DDR combines dance, music, exercise, and friendly competition in a unique way that makes fitness fun.
Dry Ice Machine
Purchase of a dry ice machine for the science program. Many demonstrations and experiments call for dry ice, but puchasing it is expensive and has required a special errand. Owning a dry ice machine will save the district time and money. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Digital Sphygmomanometers
Purchase of eleven digital blood pressure cuffs, for use in the 6th-grade science program to help understand blood pressure, an important aspect of teaching about preventive medicine. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Odyssey of the Mind World Finals
Business sponsors in the community made a targeted donation through BEF to help the district defray the cost of sending the TCMS Odyssey of the Mind team to the 2006 World Finals, held at Iowa State University.
SmartBoard for Science Instruction
Purchase of a SmartBoard to enhance instruction by presenting digital material -- slides, animations, videos, and material from the Web -- in a natural, interactive way. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Tiny Glover In-Residence
As part of a 6th grade unit on the oral tradition, Rochester storyteller Tiny Glover worked with students on storytelling techniques and other components of a theater performance.
Number the Stars
Funding for an integrated ELA and Performing Arts artist-in-residence project involving 5th and 6th grade students. Student read Number the Stars, a Newbery Medal-winning book by Lois Lowry, and presented the musical version of the book. Students spent a day with Sean Hartley, who adapted the book to the stage. Funded by the William Dieck Fund, the Alan L. Lewis Fund, the W. Todd Harper Fund, and theCultural Life Endowment Fund.
Fuel Cell Car Experiment Kits
Purchase of fuel cell cars kits to provide TCMS 8th grade Technology students a hands-on experience with this emerging technology.
Books for the Mock Newbery Club
Purchase of multiple copies of 15 titles to be read by students participating in a "Mock Newbery Club." Open to all students, more than 30 chose to participate in the reading and shared discussion of books that are contenders for the 2005 Newbery Award.
Model Torso for Biology
Purchase of a life-sized three-dimensional colored model of the human torso with removable parts and dissectible structures. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Quizdom Remotes
Purchase of seven infrared remotes for the Quizdom interactive assessment system. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Digital Camcorder for Foreign Language
Purchase of a digital camcorder with which to make mini-movies of students speaking Spanish. These movies wil be posted on the BCSD web site so that parents can see and hear students as they learn to converse in Spanish.
Mobile Science Lab
Purchase of a mobile lab system for science instruction. A mobile lab system will enhance teaching by improving the flexibility with which the room can be configured and enabling students to be "closer to the action." Paid for in part by the William Dieck Fund.
Laser Pointers
Purchase of two laser pointers for use with the telescopes purchased in 2002 with DeHaven funds. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Star and Planet Locators
Purchase of 60 star and planet locators for use with the telescopes purchased in 2002 with DeHaven funds. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Teach Smart with Technology Workshop
The David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship funded the participation of one teacher in a "Teach Smart with Technology" workshop.
MIDI Keyboards for the Music Department
Purchase of fourteen Oxygen8 MIDI Controller keyboards that interface with computers. Using these keyboards, students will be able to easily capture musical compositions, edit them on the computer, play them back, and print musical scores. Paid for in part by the William Dieck Fund.
21-inch Monitor for the TCMS Morning Show
Purchase of a 21-inch NEC AccuSync 120 CRT monitor for use as a teleprompter for the Morning Show broadcasts. The large monitor will help the Morning Show reporters develop their skills, and it will also be used during the day to display student-developed presentations in technology classes.
Digital Camera for the Art Department
Purchase of one Sony MVC-CD400 Digital Camera, for use with and by students in art and the performing arts. Funded by the Stephen Monk Gift.    Story and photos...
Two Telescopes
Purchase of one Orion Skyquest XT10 Dobsonian telescope and one Meade Ext-125 EC telescope. 8th grade Earth Science studentswill use these two telescopes to make solar and lunar observations. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Reading Motivation Program
Funding for a reading motivation program called "Reading Counts" from Scholastic. The program encourages recreational reading by giving each student access to recommendations made by other students, then collecting feedback and delivering an online comprehension check when a reader has completed a book. Teachers can use the results to check understanding and help target students at risk. The grant funds a building-wide license.
Greenhouse Test Equipment
Funding for the purchase of a conductivity meter that allows the rapid measurement of pH. This enables quick and accurate assessment of the condition of the nutrient solution used in the hydroponic greenhouse, a key variable in experiments conducted by students. Paid for in part by the William Dieck Fund.
Ed Klorman, Artist-in-Residence
As part of a three-week artist-in-residence visit that took him to every school in the district, violist Ed Klorman led rehearsals of the viola sections of both orchestras and performed two mini-recitals. Ed's work in the schools was funded by a special gift from Robert Gianniny.    Story and photos...
Camcorder for the Foreign Language Department
An 8mm video camcorder to enable students in the Foreign Language Department to produce video projects, exercising their speaking skills.
Equipment for the Magic Club
A grant awarded to the TCMS Magic Club funded the expansion of its lending-library of tricks. This library allows club members to develop their skills at home, and it helped enable the club to stage a full-scale magic show that secured the future of the club and raised money for a charitable project.    Story and photos...
STANYS Conference Funding for Two Teachers
Funding to send two science teacher from the middle school to the Science Teacher's Association of New York State conference. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Photo Lab Timers for the Technology Program
Electronic timers for the photo lab printers in the Technology department. Paid for by the William Dieck Fund.
Ascending Arc Induction Coil for the Science Program
Purchase of an ascending arc high voltage induction coil for the Science department.    Story and photo...
Specialized Lego Sets for the Technology Program
Purchase of specialized Lego sets for use in understanding engineering principles for the Technology program. Paid for in part by the William Dieck Fund.
Digital Camera for the Science Program
A digital camera for use by the science department, particularly to enable students to document their experiments and include those photographs in their lab write-ups. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
STANYS Conference Funding for Two Teachers
Funding to send two science teacher from the middle school to the Science Teacher's Association of New York State conference. Funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.
Music Scoring Software and Mac Computer System for the Music Program
A computer set-up for the music department along with software for arranging music.
Media Literacy Pilot Program
Support for the development and introduction of a unit on media literacy for eighth grade English students, later incorporated into the eighth-grade curriculum.
Digital Camera for the School Newspaper
A camera for the middle school newspaper.
Van De Graaf Generator for the Science Program
An electrostatic charge generator for the science department.    Story and photo...
Upgrade of Library Science Collection
A general upgrade of the Twelve Corners Middle School library's science collection, funded by the David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship.    Story and photo...
Fiddling String Music (District Wide)
Purchase of fiddle music so students could experience playing of bluegrass music after an introductory presentation by a visiting musician.
Data Collection Software And Hardware for the Science Program
Software and special hardware such as temperature probes to for the science lab computers to enhance data collection in experiments.
Books for the Library
Additional donor gifts targeted to support the middle school library's general collection.
Books for Battle Of The Books Competition
Purchase of specific books for a reading competition among the students. This program has continued annually.
Oxford English/Library Reference CD-Roms for the Library

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