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Back Digital Camera for TCMS Art Program

Sony MVC-CD400
The Sony MVC-CD400 is a full-featured 4.0-megapixel digicam that uses a mini-CD for image storage.

This Sony MVC-CD400 digital camera has found many applications in enriching the art program at TCMS. The camera delivers beautiful images, and art teacher Sarah Jezsu puts it to work almost every day, in a wide variety of settings.

The most unique feature of this camera is the mini-CD recorder drive. Sony is the only camera maker to integrate an optical CD burner into a digicam; this feature makes it virtually impossible to accidentally erase your images. It also makes it extremely easy to move your finished images to a computer -- any computer. No cables required, and no special software. Just pop the disc out of the camera and into your computer.

Naomi and Anum, at work on a sculpture project.

The camera provides extensive control of exposure, including a shutter-priority mode, aperture-priority mode, and a fully manual mode, all in addition to a fully automatic "point-and- shoot" mode where the camera selects the best combination of shutter speed and aperture for the lighting conditions.

This combination of flexibility and convenience keeps the camera in constant use. Art teacher Sarah Jezsu says that "It is a great tool for documenting what the students are working on, their final products, and all the steps in between. The 7th graders have used the camera with a project in which they learn color theory and the Adobe Photoshop program. The 8th graders have used the camera to take self-portraits and then manipulate the photos in other ways. I have also used the camera to document the school play, the actors, and the scenery."

This image manipulation project began life as a digital self-portrait.

The camera has also been an asset for setting up the TCMS Art Department web site. Art teachers Jennifer Carter and Sarah Jezsu have taken photos of current displays, artwork that was submitted to the Scholastic Art Show, and more. Says Jezsu, "Having the digital camera has broadened our ideas and creativity as teachers as well. We are now thinking of other ways in which we can incorporate technology into our curriculum and enrich the art experience for our students. We are truly grateful for this wonderful gift!"

A scene from Into the Woods.

story by Jim Kane
images provided by Sarah Jezsu

March 4, 2003

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